at wellwellwell, Mittersteig 2A (entrance Rienösslgasse 21), 1040 Wien

8:00 IKU

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Amen is a vienna-based record label, run by Aleksandar Vučenović, (who is currently studying at the Angewandte and TU)*, which was established in 2016 and focuses primarily on electronic and experimental music. Having presented a broad range of genres with the "Amen Compilation", the imrpint continued it's journey in the underground scene with releases by artists from all over the world. While setting no restrictions when it comes to the music being released on Amen, the output is aiming to challenge the listener; moving around fluidly between atmosphere and impulsiveness, dystopian noise and uplifting anthems, bedroom melancholy and club tracks. The imprint is also known for it's strong use of imagery and symbolism in a visual context, whereby the label creates it's own unique aesthetic style, which is mostly inspired by Aleksandar's interest in spritualism and it's symbols. Having released music from artists from the US, Russia, Belgium, Japan, China, Spain, etc. in its early stages, Amen wants to focus on building and supporting a local scene in vienna now, celebrating it's first showcase at the closing night of wellwellwell.

7:30 pm

Her shows are as much disruptive as they are refined - armed with a viola, artist Beatrix Curran alias Battle-ax fills the room with relentless chains of reverb and distortion, generating a strong and emotional soundscape. Battle-ax oscillates between intimacy and environment; her discipline as a soloist, collaborators and context.

8 pm

Iku is an artist and musician based in Frankfurt. Her music mirrors cyclical processes and investigates the tension between narratives about lived experiences and the decay of memory. Her most recent release for Genot Centre Fugue: Some Temporal Patterns Other Than the Forward March was named one of the ten best tapes by The Quietus. She has also released music on AMEN and been featured by Disc Magazine.

8:30 pm

Asfast is the solo project of Leon Leder, who presented his first album „Peace In Drifts“, which introduced listeners to the musical landscapes Asfast drew in recent years using sharp-edged synths and wistful melodies. His latest release on Amen expands the exploration of this scenery even further, and is the core of his live-show.