A Domestic Proposition

"Place there is none; we go backward and forward, and there is no place."
St Augustine

wellwellwell is pleased to announce the opening of A Domestic Proposition a solo exhibition of paintings, drawings and sculptures by Canadian artist Marc-Alexandre Dumoulin. The exhibition consists of a selection of works which were produced within the last three years. As such, it represents an overview of Dumoulin's artistic practice and his primary concern with the format of the study as well as the notion of ontological doubt. Using the study as a creative starting point, Dumoulin repeatedly works with a precise selection of subjects, positioning them in different configurations, contexts and mediums. Still lifes, baroque skies, architectural elements and rococo landscapes collide and converge together in various constellations in a play similar to that of the cadavre exquis. Through these combinations, Dumoulin aims at unveiling the complexity of each of those subjects; how they shift in meaning before our eyes according to the context in which they are received. The format of the study enables him to explore their complexity, to address them in their multi-faceted quality and ultimately, in their malleable nature. The science fiction author Phillip K. Dick once said: Reality is that which when you stop believing it, doesn't go away. And for Dumoulin the fabric of reality is indeed fleeting and waving. It is full of folds and creases inside which circumstances, beliefs and individual subjectivity interweave to veil our understanding of what is real. It is from this biased experience of the world that emerges his ontological doubt; the questioning as to whether what is being witnessed really is what it is, or if it is modelled from circumstances, point of views and moods that alter one's perception. In Dumoulin’s artistic practice, the form of the study sheds its classical connotation and unveils itself as being driven by a desire to isolate and scrutinize and finally, to understand the gap between what is seen, what is experienced and what really is.

Marc-Alexandre Dumoulin was born in 1984 in Pembroke Canada. He received his BFA at Concordia University in Montreal and his MA at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design in London. He lives and works in Vienna.

15th of April – 6th of May 2017

©Martin Bilinovac