Sunday Cinema #1: Spoilers For More Than One
November 15th, 2015


Cleaning while dreaming. Knocking over stones (...) suggests an explosion of pleasure and freedom. Keanu enters. Some things never change. Catching an octopus and setting shrimps free. Ends with a possible origin story about the iPhone video format that is reminiscent of a few things.


Tennis club scenes. Something for everyone.


Sonia Leimer
Lilli Thiessen
Philipp Friedrich
Emmanuel Troy
Tim Hartmann
Kenneth Anger
Kathryn Bigelow
You Never Know
Vittorio Brodmann
Maud Constantin
Mathias Forbach
Jonathan Goldstein
Sarah Margnetti
Laure Marville
Léa Meier
Lamya Moussa
Gaia Vincensini
Ariane Müller
Martin Ebner
Richard Hoeck
John Miller

In the current exhibition there are two hats by Richard Hoeck and John Miller, leftovers by Philipp Köster and a carpet in collaboration with Kathrin Wojtowicz, a fountain and an ornament by Philip Pichler, a flower arrangement by Sonia Leimer and books by Laura Lee Burroughs, a pool by Jakob Neulinger (with Diana Barbosa Gil, Joanna Coleman, Xaver Gschnitzer, Mathias Janko, Thekla Kaischauri, Lukas Maria Kaufmann, Leonhard Münch, Martin Schlögl, Noushin Redjaian) and remnants by Joon Yeon Park, and some parts of the archive of You Never Know.