Eight Years Westphalie Verlag
Wednesday, December 10, 2014, from 7 pm

Book launch with a performance by Lisa Holzer and David Jourdan
with Pierre-Emmanuel Finzi

Eingeladen von Melanie Ohnemus

“Phew…! Yes!"
 Lisa Holzer

 Bettina Komenda

“Was really worth waiting!”
 Pierre-Emmanuel Finzi

“Enchanting and then!” 
Tanja Widmann

“Nothing less than an editorial marvel!” 
Vincent Romagny

“Funny. Very funny! Funny at times”
 Cecilia Grönberg, Jonas (J) Magnusson, OEI

“Tell me why shall I read that?”
 Benjamin C. Hirte

“Eight Years” expands the confidential “Six Years...”, Westphalie’s six years anniversary publication’s project edited in two weeks in 2012. It finally took two more years to complete a proper release and “Eight Years”, like its PoD predecessor, includes everything Westphalie since 2007: unpublished texts, scripts for performances, drafts, working documents, releases’ excerpts, primary sources, commentaries and promotional material; and is necessarily incomplete.

Eight Years, David Jourdan (Ed), 16,9 x 23,8 cm., 224 p., 585 ex.