Konzert von Konrad Sprenger

Monday June 9th, 9 pm

Konrad Sprenger is the pseudonym of Joerg Hiller, a composer, music producer and artist based in Berlin.
Hiller runs the Choose record label, for which he has produced recordings by artists Ellen Fullman, Arnold Dreyblatt, Robert Ashley and Terry Fox among others.
Since 2000 Hiller regularly performs and works together with minimal music composer Arnold Dreyblatt and composer/ instrument builder Ellen Fullman, the bands Ethnostress and Ei and collaborates with the art collective Honey-Suckle Company.
His recent focus has been on live performance with a computer-controlled multi-channel electric guitar.
He explores rhythmic patterns based on the Euclidean algorithm, to evoke a kind of cognitive insecurity through metrical dissonance. Sprenger approaches the strings of the guitar as frequency generators, set into motion by various electronically controlled mechanical actions. The music relates to the insistent rhythms of Minimalism, Krautrock and Techno, and their shared focus on transcendence through propulsive, full-spectrum sound. The custom-built instrument was conceived by Konrad Sprenger, and realized by Sukandar Kartadinataand Daniel van den Eijkel.

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